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#+TITLE: About
#+DATE: <2016-12-06 Tue>
#+AUTHOR: Julien Chastang
#+EMAIL: julien dot c dot chastang at gmail
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* About Me

 I am scientific software developer living in beautiful Boulder, Colorado USA. I am passionate about the application of computing technology to science and math. I am currently employed at the Unidata Program Center and have been part of the UCAR organization [fn:1] since 1999 when I started here as a student. I specialize in scientific data, metadata, analysis and visualization using a variety of programming languages and technologies. You can find my github profile here.

[fn:1] The Unidata Program Center (UPC) is part of the UCAR Community Programs (UCP), which is part of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). The most well-known organization within UCAR is the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) partially located at the iconic Mesa Lab in Boulder.

** Curriculum Vitæ

PDF version 
org version

BibTex file

** Contact

Contact me for work related stuff at chastang at ucar dot edu and for personal stuff at julien.c.chastang at gmail.